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We utilize pure untreated seawater , saline and brackish water to solve the world’s food and fresh water crises to:

•grow fruit and vegetables.
•raise sheep, goats, cattle, poultry and even camels to provide meat, dairy products , leather, wool and lanolin oil products.
•farm fish, mollusks and crustaceans.
•grow plants and algae for bio-fuels.
•create sustainable local industries, using seawater greenhouses, landscaping, hydroponics, aquaponics , salt-marsh grazing and renewable energy .
•Provide dignified, equal opportunity jobs for local communities.
•Conserve potable water resources.
•Restore and protect the environment.
•Design and Build smart and sustainable local communities integrated with the farms with schools, hospitals, communications and markets.

 We Also Do

Shelving & storage  // Bedrooms  // Kitchens  // Bar & shop fitting  // Laminate and wood flooring  // Garden sheds, summer houses and gazebos  // Ceiling & roofing  // Loft and garage conversion  // Gates, fences and garage doors

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