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Growing the future

“The solution to the World’s food and water security”

a paradigm shift in food production using sea and saline water

We utilize pure untreated seawater, saline and brackish water to solve the world’s food and fresh water crises

 High Intensity Production
 Easily                    Water              Affordable            Smart and             Health
Maintained           Saving            and Adaptable     Sustainable          and Happiness                                                                                                                                                                                  

Seawater Eco Farms provide fresh food every day and a perfectly balanced and healthy organic diet. Seawater Eco Farms is dedicated to the protection of endangered species through its ethical and humane farming practices.

nature does not need man- man needs nature


At Seawater Eco Farms we are dedicated to ensuring the highest environmental standards in our farms through the use of renewable energy, recycled potable and grey water, achieving zero waste , creating biofuel, and ensuring a Carbon free environment that is a model for other developments.

Global food demand is booming. Seawater Eco Farms is ideally placed to become a premium food supplier and a long-term partner of choice in food security. To help its agri-aquanomics and food distribution scale-up and make the most of growth opportunities. Seawater Eco Farms is keen to attract investment and partners in our innovation,agriculture production incorporating food and fibre products, and advanced food processing. Contact us for more information



Our Team

Michael Pickup

Director: Operations, Procurement, Supply Chain and Product

Mr Michael Pickup is a world expert in Sea and saline water agriculture facility management, logistics and production.

He is recognized as a visionary in this field

Peter Dalkeith Scott

Director: Smart and Sustainable Development , Property, Design and Construction

Mr Peter Scott is the Founder of Whole Earth Communities Ltd, PDSI Real Estate and City Development Group .

He is recognized as one of the World's 50 Smart Cities Leaders Globally. 

Saidy Andrade

Director: Strategy and Business Development.

Mr. Saidy Andrade major is in Business Administration, with extensive know-how in Foreign Direct Investment, Capital Raising, Project Management, Business Model planning, and financial engineering of large scale projects.

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